ASTM Plating Specifications

ASTM specifications are one of the most common set of standards used for Zinc and Zinc-Nickel electroplating.

 ASTM B633 is a widely used standard for Zinc plating, and ASTM B841 for Zinc-Nickel.

Gatto’s ASTM Plating Capabilities

Gatto has been plating to ASTM specifications daily for over 40 years. We have a high level of knowledge for the precision and process requirements to achieve these standards.

Gatto has the capability to plate to a variety of ASTM industry specifications - Please contact us if your specification is not listed here. 

Common ASTM Plating Specifications:

Zinc Plating

Zinc – Nickel Plating

  • ASTM B841
  • ASTM F1941

Aluminum Chromating

  • ASTM B 921

Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

  • ASTM B 849
  • ASTM B 850


  • ASTM B 117 – Salt Spray
  • ASTM B 571 – Adhesion Testing
  • ASTM B 568 – Thickness Testing
  • ASTM F 519 – Hydrogen Embrittlement Evaluation

Complete List of Industry Specifications