Zinc-Nickel Rack Plating - Rack Plating Aluminum Processes

Zinc, Zinc Nickel & Aluminum Rack Plating

Rack plating is a process used to plate large, delicate or complex parts that cannot be finished through barrel plating. Gatto has a high capacity 15-station rack line with oversized tanks to accommodate parts up to 15 feet in length and 1,800 pounds. We are able to process any size order and give you a fast turnaround on high volume jobs.

Rack Plating Finishes

Rack Plating Benefits:

  • Excellent quality
  • More flexibile than barrel plating (ability to process a wide variety of parts)
  • Large tanks to process orders quickly
  • Custom wrapping & packaging available

At Gatto Industrial Platers, we have been refining our processes since 1974 so that we can consitently meet your expectations.