Barrel Zinc Plating Services

Barrel Plating Services

Barrel plating is a cost-effective solution that allows for mass finishing of fasteners, small machined parts and small stampings. With our 31-station Jessup Barrel Line (one of the largest in the Midwest), we can finish orders quickly and affordably while still maintaining quality on each part. We offer barrel plating in zinc and zinc nickel platingGatto also offers a high capacity 15-station rack plating line with oversized tanks to accommodate large and heavy parts.

Barrel Plating Process

The most popular reasons for choosing barrel plating over rack plating are cost savings and the ability to process large quantities of parts quickly. Items are placed in a slowly rotating barrel and immersed in theplating solution. The parts tumble together as the barrel turns which helps to produce a relatively uniform finish.The rotation of the barrel also creates a burnishing action which helps to mechanically remove burrs and scale from the parts. The barrel plating process is an economical option for bulk processing large volumes of smaller, durable parts. This process is not recommended for components with fine threads or features that can be deformed with a minimal amount of force.

Barrel Plating Applications

Zinc Nickel & Zinc Barrel Plating Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Rapid turnaround of high volumes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent Covering Power on Cast Iron
  • Ability to plate heat treated or hardened parts
  • Read more about part shape and how it can greatly affect the steps and attention needed during finishing. It can also determine whether rack or barrel plating methods are used and if any pre- or post- plating treatments are required.

Gatto Industrial Platers, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is a high production metal electroplating and finishing company in the Midwest.  We have been refining our processes since 1974 to consistently meet your expectations. To learn more about our barrel plating services contact us today!