Building & Structural Zinc Plated Products

Extend the lifespan of your metal building components with corrosion-inhibitive protective finishes from Gatto Industrial Platers, Inc.

We offer complete metal finishing services at our Chicago facility using high-volume rack- and barrel-plating process lines, which enable our team to meet the tightest production schedules.  We operate some of the largest rack plating lines in the country and specialize in processing oversized components. For some applications, Zinc Plating can be a viable alternative to hot dip galvanizing.

Gatto Industrial Platers accepts products of all sizes. Small, durable components can undergo Zinc and Zinc-Nickel plating on our 31-station Jessup Barrel Line. We can accommodate manufacturers of larger, heavier parts at our 15-station Rack Zinc and Aluminum Chromating lines. Items reaching 27 feet long, 7 ½ feet deep, 46 inches wide and 8,000 pounds are serviced by our King Kong Parts Line, which contains the nation’s largest Zinc tanks. Our wide range of capabilities allow us to turn around products, such as threaded rod, angle rings, square tubing, Unistrut and heavy fasteners very quickly.

Building & Structural Zinc Plated Products


Quality You Can Count On

Gatto Industrial Platers uses RoHS-compliant zinc plating to help you comply with environmental regulations and standards. For parts exposed to more severe environments, a Zinc-Nickel coating offers up to ten times the protection of conventional Zinc plating and allows up to 1,500 hours of Neutral Salt Spray test performance. Our Aluminum Chromating process offers a protective surface film that provides surface conductivity and is a good base for paint.

Gatto Industrial Platers can process a wide variety of orders.  We build custom racks and never levy rack set-up fees. Custom packaging and local pick-up and delivery services are also available.

Meeting customers’ expectations and industry standards is our top priority. With more than four decades of experience, we have developed an unmatched quality system. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a quality team including a full-time chemical engineer and laboratory staff. Plating baths are tested according to schedule to monitor performance, quality and prevent defects. Production samples are regularly salt spray tested to monitor corrosion resistance. To learn more about our building & structural zinc plated products contact us today!