Yellow Zinc

Yellow Zinc Plating

Yellow Zinc Plating refers to the color of the chromate that is applied after zinc has been deposited on to the surface of the part. Yellow chromate prevents the zinc from corroding and increases the overall protection of the finish.

This finish provides a rainbow or iridescent appearance with dominant yellow tones.


Hexavalent Yellow Zinc is a traditional finish that was widely used because it was cost effective and provided excellent corrosion protection. Due to the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) which banned the use of hexavalent chromium, the usage of yellow zinc has declined and is no longer allowed in products sold by many large original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Trivalent Yellow Zinc is an alternative for companies in need of a RoHS compliant Yellow finish. Although it offers a similar iridescent yellow appearance it can be more costly.

A high performing alternative to Yellow Trivalent is High Corrosion Clear Trivalent.  This passivate does not produce the same yellow appearance, but it is RoHS compliant and offers high salt spray performance. In some applications, it may be more cost effective than Trivalent Yellow. This finish is a widely used alternative for applications that previously required yellow hexavalent chromate.

Gatto offers Yellow Zinc in the following finishes:

ZincBarrelRackSalt SprayCommon Specifications
Yellow Hexavalent X X Up to 96 Hrs ASTM B 633 Type II
Yellow Trivalent X X Up to 120 Hrs ASTM B 633 Type VI
High Corrosion Clear Trivalent X X Up to 120 Hrs ASTM B 633 Type V

Benefits of Choosing Yellow Zinc

  • High performing corrosion protection
  • Cost Effective
  • Cosmetic Benefits

Why Choose Gatto

Gatto offers yellow zinc in both rack and barrel plating. We have been supplying this finish on a daily basis for over 40 years so we have extensive experience on how to achieve a quality finish on a variety of parts. Gatto can process parts in yellow zinc up to 14.5 feet long.

Quality is our number one priority, we have a full-time laboratory staff so we are able to monitor our plating baths daily to ensure consistency and prevent defects. Every quote request is reviewed by our technical staff to ensure we are able to meet your parts specifications.

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about how our industry standard Yellow Zinc Chromate Plating services can enhance your industrial application today!