Trivalent Zinc-Nickel Plating

Trivalent Zinc-Nickel Plating

Gatto offers a Zinc-Nickel alloy consisting of approximately 15% Nickel and 85% Zinc.

This coating provides a distinct blue appearance.


Trivalent Chromate is applied over Zinc-Nickel to seal the plating and offer additional corrosion protection. This finish can offer up to TEN times the protection of standard zinc.

Trivalent Zinc-Nickel is RoHS compliant and can meet the strict requirements specified by most manufacturers.

High Zinc-Nickel Alloy% NickelBarrelRackTank SizeSalt Spray
Trivalent 10-15% Yes Yes 30” X 60” X 144”
Weight: 1000 lbs
*Actual part size capability may be less than tank dimensions


Zinc Nickel Plated Parts

Trivalent Zinc-Nickel has become standard for many manufacturers because it offers similar protective properties without the presence of restricted substances that are present in hexavalent alternatives.

Trivalent Zinc-Nickel has been in use for many years in industry sectors such as automotive, agriculture and heavy equipment. This finish continues to be specified in a growing number of applications as demands for maximum corrosion protection increase. To learn more about our trivalent zinc-nickel plating contact us today!