Oil & Gas Zinc Plated Parts

Gatto Industrial Platers is helping to prevent corrosion on equipment used in the oil and gas industry protective by offering finishes that can stand up to challenging conditions.

Parts set for highly-corrosive environments, such as offshore and pipeline applications, can benefit from Zinc-Nickel plating, which offers up to ten times the protection of conventional Zinc plating and allows up to 1,500 hours of Neutral Salt Spray test performance. We also offer RoHS-compliant zinc plating to help you comply with environmental regulations and standards. Our Zinc-Nickel coating has been used in the oil & gas industry as an alternative to cadmium plating. 

Zinc Nickel Plating Benefits

  • Increased protection in corrosive environments
  • Extends the lifespan of steel components
  • Enhances components’ aesthetic appeal
  • Barrel-plating is ideal for small parts, while our rack-plating line can handle parts up to 12 feet long and 1,800 pounds

Oil & Gas Zinc Plated Parts


Quality You Can Count On

Our Chicago facility has high-volume rack- and barrel-plating lines to help you stay on schedule and meet tight deadlines.

Gatto Industrial Platers has a quality-first mentality. With more than four decades of experience, we have developed an unmatched quality system. We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company with a quality team including a full-time chemical engineer and laboratory staff. Plating baths are tested according to schedule to monitor performance, quality and prevent defects. Production samples are regularly salt spray tested to monitor corrosion resistance.

We have a state-of-the-art facility that is built to handle orders both large and small. The 210,000-square-foot space includes large staging and processing areas to keep parts organized, safe and secure. We have ten loading docks and a team of material handlers ready to receive, move and deliver orders. The facility allows us to receive and ship semi-trailer-sized orders in a short time.

Gatto Industrial Platers can handle special requirements. We build custom racks and never levy rack set-up fees. Custom packaging and local pick-up and delivery services are also available.