Zinc Plating

Black Zinc Plating

Black Zinc Plating refers to the color of the chromate that is applied during the post plating process. It includes a layer of zinc applied to a parts surface followed by black chromate applied over the zinc.

Black Zinc is commonly specified for its dark appearance and protective properties. Black chromate offers additional corrosion protection by protecting the zinc plating and also provides a dark to deep black appearance depending on the surface condition of the part.


Black Zinc is an effective finish that provides excellent cosmetic benefits to most parts however it is not suitable for every application.

It is common to notice the color change from deep black to greenish-brown as the finish breaks down over time. Because of this color change, Black Zinc may not be the right finish for highly visible components with strict cosmetic requirements.

The appearance can also become compromised on parts requiring a sealer often producing streaks or a dull gray appearance, most noticeable on large flat components.

Gatto offers Black Zinc in the following finishes:

Zinc BarrelRackSalt Spray
Black Chromate Hexavalent X X Up to 72 Hrs
Black Chromate Trivalent Coming Soon! X Up to 120 Hrs

Gatto has vast experience plating to these common industry standards:

  • ASTMB633
  • ASTM F1941 Type E
  • Briggs & Stratton 328K Cycle D
  • Eaton HES-1003
  • Ford WSB-M10P10-A2
  • GMW 3044 8 B
  • ISO 2081 Type F
  • John Deere JDM F23 Designation F

Benefits of Choosing Black Zinc

Black Zinc is an electrically conductive finish and offers superior corrosion protection over black oxide. Since the typical thickness is minimal, ranging from .0002” to .0006” it is also a good alternative to powder coat or e-coat for parts with tight dimensional tolerances.

  • Minimize a parts visibility in a final assembled product.
  • Disguise recessed lighting components.
  • Common in automotive applications to camouflage components under the hood or seats.
  • Cosmetic purposes requiring a uniform black finish  

3 Misconceptions of Black Trivalent

Why Choose Gatto

Black Zinc Plating is a complex process that few companies provide effectively. It requires close attention throughout every step of the plating process. As leaders in the industry Gatto has offered black zinc for over 40 years, so we know how to achieve a quality finish that provides maximum protection for parts.

With our full-time chemical engineer and laboratory staff we are able to monitor our plating baths daily to ensure quality and prevent defects. Our facility houses black zinc tanks for parts up to 12’ long x 30” wide x 5’ deep, which allows us to offer fast turnaround on all size orders.

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about how our industry standard Black Zinc Chromate Plating services can enhance your industrial application today!