Hexavalent Zinc-Nickel Plating

Hexavalent Zinc-Nickel Plating

Gatto offers a Zinc-Nickel alloy consisting of approximately 10-15% Nickel and the remainder Zinc.

Hexavalent Zinc-Nickel provides an iridescent finish with dominant yellow, red and green tones.


Hexavalent Iridescent Chromate is applied over Zinc-Nickel to seal the plating and increase the performance of the finish. It provides up to ten times the protection of standard zinc.

This is a sacrificial coating, meaning it is self -healing and will continue to protect a parts surface even if the part becomes scratched and bare metal is exposed.

High Zinc-Nickel Alloy% NickelBarrelRackMinimum Size CapabilitySalt Spray
Hexavalent 10-15% Yes Yes 30” X 60” X 120”
Weight: 1000 lbs


Zinc Nickel Plated Parts

Hexavalent chromates offer a superior level of corrosion protection at a lower cost. However, its usage has decreased as more companies are choosing trivalent alternatives.

This finish has been used as an alternative to cadmium plating in many applications because it offers similar corrosion protection properties. Industry sectors such as military and oil & gas specify the hexavalent finish on many components.