Zinc Plating

RoHS Compliant Zinc Plating

Gatto Industrial Platers provides customers with RoHS compliant zinc plating. The properties of zinc provide protective coatings that can adapt to their environments, resulting in a much slower corrosion rate. These properties act as a barrier and protection for the base metal.

We provide zinc plating for products ranging from as small as a 1/16" rivet to as large as a 27-foot fabricated frame. Our high production rack plating line has up to a 27-foot capacity, allowing us to handle any requirement with ease.  We also offer Zinc-Nickel Plating which provides over 5 times the protection of conventional zinc plating.

We also have the ability to work with larger items in our extra-large parts line. The King Kong Line allows us to work with parts up to 27 feet in length, 4 feet in width and 8 feet deep. We can work with plating racks carrying up to 8,000 Lbs. By having the largest plating line in North America, we can help you with any project, large or small.

Industrial Zinc Electroplating Benefits

  • Improve the corrosion resistance of your parts
  • Increase the lifetime of the steel
  • Enhance aesthetic appeal of your parts

At Gatto, our entire zinc plating process is monitored by our experienced technicians to ensure all systems are operating properly and to permit selection of plating thickness, baking, and post treatments.  

Zinc Plating Chromates Include:

  • Clear Zinc Plating (Clear Chromate RoHS Compliant)
  • Trivalent Zinc Plating
  • Yellow Zinc Plating (Yellow Trivalent Chromate/Dichromate)
  • Black Zinc Plating
  • Olive Drab

Zinc Plating Specifications

Gatto has the capability to provide industrial metal plating finishes that meet the requirements of general industry standards such as ASTM B633. Our processes have been refined over the years to comply with these common standards as well as many of the other specifications required by most major manufacturers. Please visit our Industry Specifications Page for a detailed list of our capabilities.

All of our products are inspected and certified to ensure you are receiving the best plating protection at a great price. We also offer local pickup and delivery around the Chicago area. Our fleet of trucks can provide you with pickup and delivery services and our trained drivers pre-inspect all orders at pickup to ensure damage-free transit.


Zinc Plating Vs. Galvanizing

Durable finish that provides protection from both white and red rust Durable finish that provides protection from both white and red rust
Zinc applied using a Low-Voltage, High Amperage DC current Zinc applied by dipping product in bath of molten zinc
Typically used for a wide variety of applications from automotive parts to mainframe computer chassis Most common in outdoor applications
Ideal for product with threads; won’t need to re-work threads Not ideal for product with threads; the thickness of the coating may require the threads to be re-worked
Controlled and uniform layer of zinc is applied Thick layer of zinc is applied, not as uniform
Paintable Paintable with pre-treatment


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