Automotive Plating Services

Gatto Industrial Platers offers complete Zinc, Zinc-Nickel and Aluminum Chromating metal finishing services at our Chicago facility using high-volume rack- and barrel-plating process lines, which can extend the lifespan of your manufactured components.

Gatto Industrial Platers has RoHS-compliant finishes, that comply with environmental regulations and provide excellent corrosion protection over steel components.  For corrosive applications, a Zinc-Nickel coating offers up to ten times the protection of Zinc plating and can provide over 1,000 hours of Neutral Salt Spray test performance. Our Aluminum Chromating process offers a protective surface film that provides solid surface conductivity. The coatings and processes deliver quality that is both consistent and reliable.

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We can service products of all sizes. Small machined parts including fasteners and engine components can undergo Zinc and Zinc-Nickel plating at our 31-station Jessup Barrel line. We can accommodate manufacturers of larger, heavier parts at our 15-station Rack Zinc and Aluminum Chromating lines. Items reaching 27 feet long and 8,000 pounds are serviced by our King Kong Parts Line, which contains the nation’s largest Zinc tanks. Our lines give us unmatched capabilities for high production to keep you on schedule.

Our 210,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility is built for efficiency. It includes large staging and processing areas to keep parts organized, safe and secure. Our packing department can also handle specific packaging requirements needed in the automotive industry. We have ten loading docks and a team of material handlers ready to receive, move and deliver order. The facility allows us to receive and ship semi-trailer-sized orders in a short time.

Automotive Zinc Nickel Plated Parts

  • BMW GS90010-1 REV 02 2010
  • Chrysler PS-1207 Rev AA 070717
  • Chrysler PS-8955 Rev Z 2010
  • Chrysler PS-PLATING rev AC 071106
  • Chrysler PS-79 (Has been superseded by PS-Plating)
  • FORD WSA-M1P87-A1
  • FORD WSD M1P85 A1 040317
  • Honda D2003-5 Rev6
  • John Deere JDM F15 Fasteners Coatings
  • John Deere JDM F19, 2-18-11, 0019
  • John Deere JDS117 2007
  • Toyota TSH6524G March 2009.xls
  • Toyota TSH6500G - Electroplated Zinc Coating (New)
  • Toyota tsh6517g Zn-Ni Alloy
  • Volkswagen VW 13750_EN_2008-06-01[1]
  • Volkswagen VW TL244_EN_2007-02-01
  • VolkswagenTL217_EN_2009-08-01

Quality You Can Count On

Gatto Industrial Platers can suit every customer’s needs without blowing the budget. We build custom racks and never levy rack set-up fees. We also offer custom packaging and local pick-up and delivery services.

Delivering a product that meets customers’ expectations and industry standards is Gatto Industrial Platers’ utmost priority. With more than four decades of experience, we have developed an unmatched quality system. We are an ISO 9001:2015 /ANSI-ASQ Q9901:2008 certified company with a quality team including a full-time chemical engineer and laboratory staff. Plating baths are tested daily to monitor performance, quality and prevent defects. Production samples are regularly salt spray tested to monitor corrosion resistance.

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