Automotive Plating Services

Protecting automotive parts from corrosion is critical to maintaining the integrity, functionality, and safety of a vehicle. With constant exposure to harsh weather conditions and higher demands on performance and longevity, effective corrosion protection is a must.

Zinc + Zinc Nickel Plating Benefits

Zinc and Zinc Nickel electroplating is commonly used among automakers because it is highly effective at corrosion prevention, widely available and cost effective. Corrosion protection can be enhanced by using Zinc or Zinc-Nickel as a base coating for parts that get painted. The Zinc-Nickel plating layer will help protect the steel component if the paint becomes scratched or chipped. While both Zinc and Zinc Nickel effectively prevent corrosion over steel, Zinc Nickel can offer over ten times the protection of standard Zinc. Many automotive manufacturers are turning to this alloyed finish for parts directly exposed to harsh weather conditions such as brake, suspension and engine components. Another benefit of Zinc is its sacrificial properties that can protect a parts surface even if the finish is scratched. This is particularly useful for vehicle components that are exposed to rocks and debris that could compromise the finish.

Automotive Zinc Nickel Plated Parts


Common Automotive Applications for Zinc + Zinc Nickel Plating:

  • Pins (all sizes)
  • Fasteners
  • Brackets
  • Hinges
  • Brake Components
  • Engine Parts/Under Hood Components
  • Fittings
  • Steering Components

Benefits of Partnering with Gatto

Gatto has been specializing in electroplating and corrosion-resistant finishes for over 40 years, processing over 300 tons of material daily. As experts in the industry we are proud to offer our customers:


Our production and laboratory staff are highly skilled with extensive knowledge of the plating process and what is required for a quality finish. We have been processing automotive parts on a daily basis since 1974.


As an ISO 9001:2015 certified plating company we have quality systems in place that allow us to consistently meet the requirements of our customers. This includes daily testing of plating baths and regular salt spray testing to ensure effective corrosion resistance.

Customer Care

From quoting to order completion we work with our customers to understand their needs and ensure we can meet their expectations. With high capacity plating lines we can provide quick turnaround on all size orders without sacrificing quality. To learn more regarding our automotive chrome plating services or automotive metal finishing contact us today!