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Get Help with Plating Bleed-Out

Have you ever experienced rusting parts just days after having them plated? These newly finished parts are now considered rejects and need to be re-worked, further delaying an already tight timeline.

This situation is common and can be minimized by understanding four key components to a common plating issue called Bleed-Out.

What is bleed-out?

Bleed-out happens when plating chemistry seeps out of a parts’ seams after it has been plated and dried.

What causes bleed-out?

Any part comprised of metal components that have been fabricated, welded, or riveted together is susceptible to bleed-out.

The electroplating process introduces chemistry and liquids into the seams that are created by these conjoined components.

The standard rinsing process will not flush plating solution out of these crevices and over time, the chemistry will slowly seep out

Why is bleed-out a problem?

The seeping chemistry often causes significant staining, but most importantly it compromises the effectiveness of the plating. In order to avoid the early onset of rust, parts must be re-plated which can push back a job’s timeline and cause delayed shipments.

Can bleed-out be avoided?

Bleed out is an issue that can be minimized by the technique of your plater.

Gatto Industrial Platers specializes in plating fabricated sheet metal components. With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a system that allows us to customize our process to the needs of each part, significantly reducing the occurrence of bleed-out. The combination of our unique plating and inspection process makes us a trusted source for complicated parts.

A large portion of our customers are suppliers for Siemens, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Honeywell and Alcatel Lucent, so we are familiar with the high standards and close attention to detail that must be maintained.

We specialize in plating the following types of parts:

  • Electronic enclosures
  • Mainframe computer chassis
  • Card cages for telecommunications
  • Various precision sheet metal components

If you're having trouble with bleed-out, give Gatto a call today!