Zinc Plating for SoFi Stadium

Gatto Industrial Platers provides Corrosion Protection for SoFi Stadium in California.

Structural Design

SoFi stadium was designed using an open, sweeping shape achieved through a spaceframe structure. Unlike traditional steel designs, spaceframes are built from a series of strategically placed nodes and tubes that compose a web-like frame.

Corrosion prevention is critical to ensuring the integrity and strength of the framework is not compromised. 

Zinc Plating Application

This project included a protective zinc finish for over 55,000 unique forged nodes- each with varying weights and hole patterns. Individual part numbers were assigned to each node to identify its position in the final structure.

Steel tubes of various lengths and diameters were also zinc plated and identified through individual part numbers. 

Quality Plating and Processes

Quality and efficiency were at the forefront of this project. Relying on over 40 years of plating experience, it was up to Gatto to ensure each part was plated to the correct specification.

Preventing common plating challenges such as bleed-out, air pockets, and insufficient thickness in the holes of the nodes was critical to moving product through our facility efficiently so deadlines could be met.

Accurate order identification and part tracking were also key to achieving a quality finish with quick turnaround because parts were not easily replaceable if lost or mixed with the wrong batch. 

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SoFi stadium includes a protective zinc finish